5 ways technology can improve riding experience if brands work together

Technology is a beautiful thing. From F1 cars to road vehicles, it has made them safer and faster at the same time. The same story continues for motorcycles. ABS, by-wire throttle, traction control, riding modes, cornering ABS have all entered the picture to make them safer and then there is lot of stuff like titanium […]

Triumph knows why tilting towards the classics might not be a bad idea

I love Triumph Motorcycles. Not because the brand has been around for ages or because it makes some of my favourite motorcycles (Read: Tiger XCx) but because how perfectly the brand carries its history without being left behind in the fight against the Japanese and Austrians. Yes this piece of text will eventually end up […]

Honda CBR 650F: Good product, bad market

Unless you are extremely anti-social and live under a rock in a remote area, it is likely that you have got friends. And if you love motorcycles, it is likely that you have friends that share the love with you. One such friend showed up at my home one morning with a Honda CBR 650F […]

Yamaha R15: The poetry

While I have been riding motorcycles long before it was legal for me to ride, my first motorcycle which I actively used to ride was a Yamaha. A small (not so much) 125cc machine called Yamaha Gladiator. I have crashed it, wheelied it, crashed it again, modded it, ridden it recklessly and it still continues […]

Tesla Model 3: Clean car, dirty car

Almost a month back, the entire internet went crazy about a new car that Tesla showcased. I have huge respect for the brand and Elon Musk. Electric cars used to be dull, boring, slow and devoid of any character and they seem to have done a pretty good job of changing that. However, I fail […]

5 reasons the Royal Enfield Himalayan is a big deal for Indian market

Even before the first post by the Royal Enfield CEO Siddhartha Lal went up on the TOI website, the Royal Enfield Himalayan was breaking the internet. Too many automobile blogs were writing about the motorcycle publishing whatever they knew about the upcoming Royal Enfield. As far as I can figure out, nobody seemed to know […]

7 kind of creatures that you will find on Indian roads

There is no denying the fact that our roads are full of idiots. Half of them step out with the lack of will to live and the other half with the lack of skill to ride. Thankfully I stay a bit outside the borders of Delhi which means the traffic isn’t as bad as the […]

Why you should be scared of driverless cars

Almost all the major car makers are working to cut down the role of the stupid human in some way or the other. While I am a fan of technology, I am a bit skeptical about this one. It is all good as long as the manufacturers are testing these vehicles on tracks and closed […]